The Firkin Scooter Club materialized in 2008 after a chance encounter between a gaggle of Tacoman’s at the 9 Ib Hammer in Georgetown at the tail end of that Years Scooter Insanity. After spotting Tacoma License plates on scooters parked outside, Shaun politely invited himself to join Jeff and Tessa for a pint of nefarious brew and discussions of creating a Tacoma Scooter club ensued. Shortly thereafter, the first ride materialized later that year and the framework of the club was born. The Club attempts to hold a ride monthly with each member granted the opportunity to lead a ride. The first weekend of August, we host the T-Town Flotilla, a three-day extravaganza with a theme that incorporates the hidden gems of Tacoma while celebrating a kinship with the surrounding water ways. Every Friday evening, you will find at least a few passionate scooterists from the area enjoying the hospitality of the Parkway Tavern, the unofficial scooter haunt of Tacoma. A monthly club meeting is held the first Sunday of each month where interested parties are welcome to pledge their membership. A strict policy of no drama is exercised and political banter is strictly forbidden.